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making tech sexy

TRIBE is a tech platform that connects brands with micro-influencers to generate stunning branded content for use across digital andf OOH marketing channels.

It's identity had to feel sexy, youthful and aspirational - one brands couldn't resist including in their content strategy, and one influencers dreamt of collaborating with.


The TRIBE brand is a creative haven, filled with palm trees, pineapples donuts and every neon colour under the sun. It's vibrant toolkit spans across paid media, social, sales decks, print and digital collateral.

The re-brand was a passion project developed with Founder /
Creative Director, Jules Lund.


can simple be too simple?

The TRIBE Icon challenged convention in design and tech at the time of its launch in early 2017.

The highly simplistic, yet iconic trio of circles represents social connectivity, a community of brands and influencers united by tech, and the limitless possibilities symbolised by the infinite edged circles.

The three circles have become a powerful brand asset for TRIBE, establishing strong brand equity across mobile, social, web, OOH and the influencer category as a whole. 

breaking boundaries (and code). 

The website is one of TRIBE's hardest-working assets in brand and influencer acquisition.

Designed in Sketch and built in Hubspot (with developer partners) as a fully responsive site, it adopted a 'data-driven' approach with smart content customising the user-experience across every one of its trackable touchpoints. 




Extended walkthrough (2.3 min)


content for the content company. 

TRIBE's paid media strategy was, and continues to be incredibly bold, simple and vibrant. These bright adsets were crafted for visibility on Adnews, Facebook & Instagram.



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